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staff taking blood pressureBridge Solutions, the Home Health Agency offers Transitions of Care Management Services. We provide in-hospital assessment and comprehensive home follow-up for chronically ill high-risk older adults hospitalized for common medical and surgical conditions. For patients with multiple chronic conditions and complex therapeutic regimens, we emphasizes coordination and continuity of care, prevention and avoidance of complications, and close clinical treatment and management – all accomplished with the active engagement of patients, their family, informal caregivers and in collaboration with the patient’s physicians.

As the Home Health Agency, Bridge Solutions provides Skilled Nursing (SN), Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (ST), Medical Social Workers (MSW) and Home Health Aides (HHA).

Our Clinicians follow patients from hospitals into their homes, and using an evidence-based care coordination approach, provide services designed to streamline plans of care and interrupt patterns of frequent acute hospital or emergency department use and health status decline. Our Clinicians collaborate with Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Pharmacists, and other members of the health care team in the implementation of services with a unique focus on increasing patients’ and caregivers’ ability to manage their care. Every patient receives an individualized plan of care guided by evidence-based protocols.

At Bridge Solutions, we give a great deal of importance to caregiver selection or caregiver matching. We believe that for care plans to be successful, there needs to be harmonious client-caregiver relationships fostered.

This is the essential human element that cannot be taken away from the whole health care equation. Using evidence-based care plans and balancing it with the compassionate care from professionals, we believe that you or your loved one can take full advantage of healthcare as a whole.

Our Mission

Bridge Solutions is committed to providing excellent and personalized care to its patients. We are dedicated to a continuum of care for our patients in collaboration with our partners and seasoned medical professionals.

Our Goal

To exceed the expectations of our patients, clients and community.


Bridge Solutions is licensed by the Great State of Texas, bonded and certified by Medicare.

Your family’s health care is our main concern at Bridge Solutions. Tell us how we can help! Call 713-334-9920 for a consultation.

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